Get a flu vaccine to protect our seniors.

Why even healthy people should get a flu shot: to protect your grandparents
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A lot of young and healthy people think there’s no need to get a flu shot because they’re young and healthy. But one of the best reasons to get a flu vaccine is not to protect yourself, but to protect the elderly.

Check out this chart of flu deaths by age:

Flu-related deaths

The trend here is huge. Depending on the year, the flu kills between 3,000 and 50,000 US residents. (It’s a lot of deaths proportionally, too. Depending on the year, influenza and pneumonia are together about the ninth leading cause of death in the US.)


Herd immunity is how vaccine protect all of us,especially those with lower immune systems.

20,000-40,000 deaths could be a thing of the past. Instead of freaking out over Ebola, why not really freak out about influenza?