No, freezing eggs is not like Nazi Germany

Freezing Worker Eggs: Are Apple and Facebook Playing God? (Germany, France, Switzerland)
[Via The Moderate Voice]


Over the past year and a half, as the scale of the global mass surveillance being pursued by the National Security Agency in collaboration with America’s tech giants has become clear, these corporations – Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft – have become objects of derision for Americans and people around the world. Now it seems there is new cause to look upon these firms with suspicion. Over the course of the past few days as news emerged that Apple and Facebook have instituted plans to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs for later use, columnists in other nations have expressed concern that they are blithely playing God with life itself. Worldmeets.US has translated columns from three countries on the subject, all outlining the likely ramifications of these policies:


This is just insane. Apple offers up to $20,000 for infertility treatments. They just increased the infertility procedures they will pay for/ That is all that is going on here.

Making it easier to have more children!

These procedures include all sorts of things, up to in vitro fertilization. As part of most in vivo fertilization protocols, many eggs are harvested at once, so that they only have to be retrieved one time. After the procedure, any extra eggs are frozen, to be used if the procedure does not work the first time.

So, Apple will pay for the eggs that are frozen, instead of the patient being forced to do this out of pocket. Making it easier for women to use in vitro fertilization to have more children.

This is not eugenics and not fascism. Apple is not forcing women to have their eggs frozen. It is not part of any genetic manipulation of eggs. 

It is an added benefit used mainly by those who want to have children. It is not preventing children from being born. It is providing added choices for FERTILITY! To have more children.

Just as Apple also provides money for adoptions. And for 18 weeks paid maternity leave. And 6 weeks paid paternity leave.

Funny how a significant benefit for women to have more children is turned by the media into an exercise of Godwin’s Law.