Why upgrade to iOS 8 when I’m getting a new iPhone 6 anyway?

iPhone 6 - najlepsze gry 

Apple iOS 8 adoption around 50%, iPhone 6 adoption sets record
[Via MacDailyNews]

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“Within the first twenty-four hours, iOS 8 update appeared to be slower than its predecessors. A few weeks in, this continues to be the case says analytics firm Fiksu,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “After twelve days, both iOS 6 and iOS 7 had comfortably crossed the 50% mark for iOS usage. By contrast, iOS 8 is yet to hit the 40% mark according to Fiksu’s measurements. An independent study from Mixpanel says iOS 8 is closer to 50%, but it is still far behind iOS 7’s rate of uptake.”

“Meanwhile, iPhone 6 adoption is record-setting,” Mayo reports. “The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s followed near-identical growth path, but the iPhone 6 is more than double that rate. As of 17 days since release, the iPhone 6 has touched the 4% level. For comparison, the combined share of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was about 3% in the same period.”


I think that may be why it is slower in adoption. I did not upgrade to iOS 8 because I knew I was going to be getting an iPhone 6. I love the new phone. Fits in my pocket fine. Love ThumbID.

Activating at home was painless and lawless.

Only problem is how thin it is. It kept slipping out of my hand because I actually have to hold it rather than let friction  keep it in my hand.