A Shoulder Holster for your iPhone 6 – tragedy waiting to happen?

Review: Worried about iPhone 6/6 Plus bending in your pocket? This might be the perfect case for you
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This holster case from Toronto-based LD West seems completely ridiculous at first glance, but it starts to make a lot more sense when you realize your oversized iPhone 6 or 6 Plus might no longer fit in your pants pocket. Strapping my phone to my side with what looks like an over-the-shoulder gun holster doesn’t exactly vibe with my usually minimalistic approach to iPhone cases. But it turns out the product is much more than just the gimmick I thought it was.

It’s not the first iPhone case that lets you go hands-free without everyone seeing a huge bulge in your pants, but you probably won’t want to wear one of those sport armband holders over your suit jacket, and a 90’s style belt clip is completely out of the question.


If the police can kill a man simply holding a BB gun in a Walmart or shoot a man for following police instructions and reaching into the car to get an ID, what are they going to do when someone reaches for their iPhone in a shoulder holster?

It will not be pretty. I think I’ll let it bend.

2 thoughts on “A Shoulder Holster for your iPhone 6 – tragedy waiting to happen?

  1. The problem is not the shoulder holster. The problem is bad cops who themselves are criminals who need to be in prison.
    In states where guns are expected – such as Texas or Arizona, the police are less likely to shoot since everyone has a gun.

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