Weird stuff we are finding out now we can sequence everything

Chimera of Arezzo 

DailyDirt: Genetic Information Is Everywhere Now
[Via Techdirt]

The costs of analyzing DNA have come down significantly over time, so it’s becoming increasingly common to sequence DNA and discover all kinds of biological curiosities. It’s not quite as fast and easy as they make it look on detective shows on TV, but DNA analysis has made some pretty amazing advances. Here are just a few examples of genetic testing that you might have missed.


I’ve written about some of this but it is always interesting to see what the latest is. Many people are chimeras with different DNA sequences depending on the cells. This can have an impact on forensics.

And the fact that fetal DNA can be detected in women 50 years after they gave birth is really intriguing. ANd if the sex of the baby can be determined at 7 weeks, how soon can a pregnancy at all be determined?