Glancing – People need to realize that the  watch is like a wrist watch as the iPhone is like a phone

Her lovely glance 

SMU professor thinks Apple Watch has too much to overcome
[Via MacDailyNews]

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“The first wristwatches were a flop,” Robert McMillan writes for Wired. “Called bracelet watches, they were seen as a rather unseemly replacement for the pocketwatch, a more discreet means of keeping track of the time. Though mass-produced versions first emerged in the 1880s, it wasn’t until 1927 that U.S.-made wristwatches finally outstripped sales of their entrenched competitor.”

“With the Apple Watch, Tim Cook and company are now hoping to push us through a similar social revolution. And because that’s such an enormous task, it too may be a flop — at least initially. Alexis McCrossen, a Southern Methodist University professor and author of a book on the history of clocks and watches, believes that, much like the original wristwatch, it has too much to overcome,” McMillan reports. “‘They’re making two bets,’ she says of Apple. One bet is that people want bigger screens and more visible access to information, she explains, and that’s why the iPhone 6 is bigger. But then the company has hedged that bet with Apple Watch, in case people are more interested in having information on them at all times. ‘But the thing is,’ she says, ‘your iPhone can be on you all the time too.’”

“The younger generation doesn’t wear watches,” McMillan reports. “That certainly the case with McCrosson’s students. ‘Apple Watch will redefine what people expect from a watch,’ Cook said. But so many of us don’t expect anything from our watch. Instead, we expect something from a device that slides into our pocket.”


The  Watch may well be successful NOT because it tells time. And maybe not even because of Apple Pay. It’ll be because of glances.

I have taken a small sample of youngsters (about 5). None wears a watch because they have their smartphones.

Evert single one of them liked the  Watch becasue it allowed them to glance at data without having to take out their smartphone.

There is a lot of content where we only need a quick glance. Time is only one of them. The  Watch will allow people to keep their iPhone safe in their pocket as they answer texts, check the schedule, follow directions, etc.

All things we do not need to do more than glance at. And iOS is designed to do this quire well.