AAAS creates an open access journal that is not really open access

 Key to the open door

The biggest scientific society is joining the open access movement — sort of
[Via The Raw Story]

Access to research is limited worldwide by the high cost of subscription journals, which force readers to pay for their content. The use of scientific research in new studies, educational material and news is often restricted by these publishers, who require authors to sign over their rights and then control what is done with the published work. In response, a movement that would allow free access to information and no restrictions on reuse – termed open access – is growing.

Some universities and funding organisations, including those administered by governments, now mandate open access, recognising its potential to increase the impact of research paid for by public money. The United Nations is considering the importance of open access to ensure the “right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications”.


In reading the details, it sounds like a semi-open access journal. Digital only but there is a 33% surcharge to make it really open access. And a 50% surcharge if it is longer than 10 pages.

For a digital publication where pages do not  really matter since nothing is printed.

Typical authoritarian response to a distributed effort.