Distributed approaches revolutionizing big data

 Data Represented in an Interactive 3-D Form


For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights 
[Via – NYTimes.com]

Technology revolutions come in measured, sometimes foot-dragging steps. The lab science and marketing enthusiasm tend to underestimate the bottlenecks to progress that must be overcome with hard work and practical engineering.

The field known as “big data” offers a contemporary case study. The catchphrase stands for the modern abundance of digital data from many sources — the web, sensors, smartphones and corporate databases — that can be mined with clever software for discoveries and insights. Its promise is smarter, data-driven decision-making in every field. That is why data scientist is the economy’s hot new job.


Data just exist. They require humans to provide context. They always will.

So creating better ways for more people to interact with the data will lead to more insights.

No doubt about it.