Cold for thee, not for me, thanks to typhoon Neoguri

[Via Dave Winer’s linkblog feed]

Record Cold Weather on the Way to U.S.


It’s going to be colder than normal for a lot of people but much warmer than normal in the Pacific NW. So when people in the East start talking about how global warming must not be real, remind them of the West.

As Jeff Masters discusses, this is all due to the huge super typhoon that hit Japan. It once had 155 mph winds.

It essentially is pushing the Arctic air and jet stream along the Pacific north (allowing warm air to move north) which then causes the cold air to push down along the East. 

This all makes it much hotter than normal along the West coast (and in Northern Europe) and colder than normal along the East coast (and Siberia)

So, all the unusual weather is due to the effects of one storm.