Jon Meis – The power of social media to reward behavior

 Seattle Summers

US ‘hero student’ feted with gifts
[Via BBC News – US & Canada]

Well-wishers responding to an online campaign buy up the wedding registry of the US student who disarmed a gunman at his university.


What Jon Meis did was amazing. And that may not even be the most life-changing event he will be living through this month. He is also getting married.

One of the great things about social media is that human communities can so quickly show their appreciation for those that act to help society.

Not only was every gift on their registry purchased but an online fund set up for their honeymoon has already raised over $11,000. Check it out to see a great picture of them.

This is how social norms are produced – rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. We too often hear about punishing the bad. 

Here we have spontaneous appreciation for the good. Really nice to see.