Apple doing their own ads and they are great

Videos: Apple’s new in-house ad team struts its stuff
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Apple’s long-time ad agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day, is now competing for Apple’s business with a new in-house team made up in part by talent poached from Chiat\Day.

Peter Burrows had the story Wednesday afternoon in Bloomberg Businessweek. A few hours later, as if to strut its stuff, team Apple fielded a new TV ad and four YouTube videos.

What’s interesting about the TV spot is that it highlighted Apple’s foray into health monitoring several months before its newly announced HealthKit app is scheduled to appear. It featured eight third-party products that take advantage of the motion detector built into the iPhone 5S and said nothing about the Apple wrist band that’s rumored to be in the works.

“iWatch?” wrote Shawn King on The Loop. “Who needs an iWatch?”


Go take a look. These are pretty nice.