Halt and Catch Fire is right – the creation of the PC industry happened in Texas


The Incredible True Story Behind AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire – How Compaq Cloned IBM And Created An Empire |
[Via  Internet History Podcast]

This Sunday, AMC is premiering a new original series called Halt And Catch Fire. Set in the early 1980s, it tells the story of a band of cowboy entrepreneurs and engineers who join the PC Wars by cloning an IBM machine and taking on Big Blue for control of the nascent personal computer industry.

AMC’s show is fictional, but it turns out, there is a true life story that is similar to this course of events, and it led to the creation of one of the greatest technology companies of all time, Compaq Computers.


I’m looking forward to this fictionalized account of the early days of the PC industry. Much like Mad Men encapsulated the changes in the world through the lenses of the ad industry, I’m hoping this will show us the changes tech was producing on society.

And not just be a lot about sex.