Personal health devices to measure diagnostic markers

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Cue health tracker brings molecular-level testing to iOS
[Via AppleInsider]

With pedometers, smartwatches and other passive connected health-related products carving out a niche in the iOS device accessories market, tech startup Cue is looking to take the “quantified self” much further with an ambitious project that gathers, tracks and interpolates biological samples on the molecular level.


This is just one in a continuing line of devices to allow us to measure all sorts of important markers fo disease in our bodies. I am not convinced this will be the one that really leads the way – it costs a lot and the individual ‘strips’ look to be expensive also.

But Moore’s law means that the cost decrease and the number of possible markers will increase as we move to the state of the Quantified Self.

Then we will know what our bodies really look like in a healthy state. we will be our own positive controls, rather than simply a statistical part of a population, as medicine is today.