“Everything you know could already be wrong!” – Apple buys Beats to get Iovine

 Jimmy Iovine: the man improving our music

If you read one (more) thing about Apple buying Beats…
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Read Ben Thompson.

FORTUNE —  Apple (AAPL) being what it is, Ben Thompson doesn’t talk much about the time he spent at Apple University, Steve Jobs’ top-secret graduate level training program on what makes Apple Apple.

But in Monday’s column — Why Apple Is Buying Beats — Thompson shares one lesson he was taught there: That Apple has grown so big, change is inevitable. In the future, managing and understanding that change will be paramount.

It’s in this context that Thomson would have you MORE


The quote is from Iovine’s commencement speech at USC in 2013.

This reminds me a lot of Apple buying NeXt (its largest purchase up to that time, I believe). That paid for the technology that created Mac OSX, iOS and just about every software aspect of Apple.

But it also brought in the visionary Steve Jobs, whose personality meshed with the software to recreate Apple.

Here we have Apple again making a huge purchase for technology that may well alter where it goes. And again bringing on someone who in many ways sounds like a visionary. Jimmy Iovine.

Iovine sees how many things are broken and has a vision how they may be fixed. In fact, listening to him reminds me of Jobs in many ways.

His description of the disruptive aspects of Napster – “Not ever industry was made to last forever!” at about 10:30 – are telling:

Cook make feel much better with the engineering side of Apple – making sure all the pieces get put together in the supply chain. He is a genius there. But maybe not so much for the vision. 

So he essentially buys one, one who, 

Iovine has made a career out of finding and promoting innovative talent in the music industry. Will he be as good in the high tech? Well, beats has shown that he certainly can be. Especially in a post-PC world, where form may be as important than function.

I hope he is compatible with Apple’s future.