Net Neutrality and the boarding of airplanes.

 Boarding Smartwings

What Inefficient Airline Boarding Procedures Have To Do With Net Neutrality
[Via Techdirt]

Search the internet and there are tons of articles about more efficient ways to board airplanes. Many will point to the work of astrophysicist Jason Steffen who algorithmically tested a variety of boarding methods to come up with his optimized version. The best demonstration of this particular method is in this YouTube video where the Steffen method was tested.

The short version is that you board alternate rows at a time, starting with the window seats on one side first, then on the other, then a similar process with middle seats and aisle seats.


Airlines board planes by the most inefficient method possible. They could save 10s of millions of dollars simply using a more efficient system.

Why don’t they? One likely explanation is that by making the process wretched, they can incentivize people for upgrades that make the process easier. It helps fill first class, luxury seats and business seats.

So they have no incentive to make it more efficient for the rest of us.

That is the plan for the internet with the death of nrt neutrality. To make regular suck and ask us to pay more for service that we should already be getting.

The lack of competition – Comcast and ATT will likely own most of our access to the internet while not competing with each other in most of the space – would not provide incentives to actually improve their service. Just charge more for good service.

Not good at all.