Disruptive? One woman brilliantly doing the work of tens, if not hundreds

Doing the entire band, recording, producing, filming (by her husband, Paul), distribution and marketing. Paying for it all by using crowdfunding approaches.

Here is how she describes the creation on her Facebook page:

You know, I was just sitting at the table, practicing my live set for Austin next week, having a glass of wine (or five) and Paul came in and decided to break out his new Black Magic Design Cinema Camera and test it while I was testing this song out, figuring out how to loop it live….I got drunk and we ordered pizza and the next day we put this up. No tricks, just a girl making live music. 

It took about 2 weeks for it to break out like this (and she did one performance at a bar during SXSW.

She is in control of virtually all elements of her art.

All from Kansas!

Kawehi raised almost $30,000 on the Kickstarter project for this. From just 407 people. 

I bet she has a lot more for the next one. She doubled her Facebook likes in one day because of Esquire’s article.

She may never have the millions of sales that big music stars get but she does not need to support the hundreds required for that business model.

She is using technology in a way to sustain he own livelihood. All in her own control.

This is a perfect example of how technology destroys authoritarian hierarchies. No studio manager telling her what she can and cannot sing, who her producer is or where she  will perform.

She connects directly with the people who like her music and will support her as an artist.

The authoritarians are on their way out and they are scared.