Would we have developed electrical power lines if we could see in the UV like many animals?

power to the people!

Animals Avoid Power Lines Because of Frightening UV Sparks
[Via D-brief]

Researchers know that high-voltage power lines have some strange influence on animals. Creatures from reindeer to elephants to birds tend to avoid the areas around power lines. This was mysterious because the structures seem passive and simple to walk or fly past.

However, scientists now say this may be because power lines emit ultraviolet light, invisible to human eyes, that appears as frightening flashes to animals that can perceive ultraviolet light.

This paper is the first to offer a simple explanation for the power line-avoidance behavior. If true, the theory could explain fragmentation of wild habitats.


Nice explanation. And it helps support why these power lines are helping create fragmentation of local animal populations.

The herds avoid the lines, which now act as physical barriers like mountain ranges, to prevent groups from crossing over to other ones.

I wonder if we would have developed a different system if we could see in the UV also?