Could Healthbook change everything, once again?

Blood Pressure Monitor 

This is Healthbook, Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking
[Via 9to5Mac]

Seven years out from the original iPhone’s introduction, and four years past the iPad’s launch, Apple has found its next market ripe for reinvention: the mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking industry. Apple’s interest in healthcare and fitness tracking will be displayed in an iOS application codenamed Healthbook. I first wrote about Apple’s plans for Healthbook in January, and multiple sources working directly on the initiative’s development have since provided new details and images of Healthbook that provide a clearer view of Apple’s plans for dramatically transforming the mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking space…


Personalized health is one of the changing aspect of medicine. For example, being able to test blood sugar before and after every meal can provide data regarding exactly which foods are a problem or not for the individual.

Now, Apple needs to sell hardware ot really make its profits so I expect the Healthbook to work with products Apple will sell – like a wristband that provides much of the physical data.

I know just having a lot of data showing how my weight fluctuates has helped me understand my metabolism more.

Having more data could tell us each a lot more about ourselves.

Of course, the FDA will have something to say about al this.