An iPhone case that measures your health – HP, BP, lung fucnton, temperature, EKG

Wello brings health data to the humble iPhone case
[Via PandoDaily]

Health monitoring is leaving the doctor’s office and heading to the smartphone.

Azoi today announced an iPhone case that can measure its owner’s blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature after just a few seconds of contact. The device will also ship with a free peripheral that allows owners to measure their lung functions. It’s called Wello, and it’s now available for pre-order in the United States, China, Canada, and other countries.

Wello is the latest example of the shrinkage of health monitoring. Companies like Jawbone and Fitbit are turning their wrist-born fitness trackers into intelligent health monitors. Scanadu is trying to condense the equipment found in a doctor’s office into a thumb-sized device.

Health monitoring is getting easier than ever. Now we’ll just have to see if that makes people care more about their well-being or if these devices will receive about the same amount of attention as the decades’ worth of fitness tools collecting dust in closets around the world.


We will see many more of these soon. Assuming the FDA can deal with the deluge.

This will be out “pending FDA approval.” Hope it is soon (they say Fall 2014) because it is really kinda cool.

Check out the video.

I want one. Or maybe Apple will be making a purchase  soon.