UPDATED: We can see how the lives of authoritarian bullies are being disrupted thanks to a brave man and a camera

UPDATE: The City Attorney’s contract was not renewed. Good. Now about the officers and their false reports?

This is how things are changing – we can actually document the horrible actions of abusive, authoritarian bullies to make ti harder for them to hide in the cracks. Thousands if not millions can see the actions of these officers for themselves.

The seemingly amoral city attorney actually tries to explain to the righteous man how this would all have gone wrong back in the day without audio when the cops would have between him to death. And lied about it. And the city attorney probably would have done nothing.

“What’s written down in the Constitution is one thing and  the real practice is another. You’re just not in the same sort of protection as you are in Allen or Plano or Richardson,  and places like that.”
“So we do live in a jackboot society?”
“Sometimes we do and we shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s better just to, better to stand there and let it all roll over.”

Our forefathers died so we can sit here today and just let authoritarian bullies roll over us? This is the legacy of the Greatest Generation?

This is what happens when cowardly bullies meet a righteous man, one who provides sunlight onto the cockroaches in the garbage, More of us can do that every day.

Those of us who believe in civiil liberties and bottom-up solutions can fight back against the authoritarians. They will find it harder to hide in the cracks.

Transparency changes that. Videos change that. As long as we can also watch the watchers, we have the hope that transgressions like this are exposed.

Because stories like this is why people of all colors in America are afraid of the police. And the city attorney actually tries to warn the guy against fighting for his rights because some cop might beat the shit out of him.

So, we are just supposed to let these bullies subvert the law because they are authoritarian tyrants? Tug our forelock and shuffle our feet?

These officers knew they were being video taped. This guy luckily actually knew the law and did not submit to their verbal abuse, even though he stayed respectful.

He just did not act like the whipped mule they expected. That pissed the officers off. It pissed of the city attorney as he tries the same bullying act. On a very brave man.

Not only should the officers be publicly shamed, so should the attorney.

And we all need to regain a little more bravery.