Android developed for freedom, not security. Apple is the opposite. I chose security.

Apple touts secure design of iOS as Google chief admits Android is best target for malicious hackers
[Via AppleInsider]

Speaking at Mobile World Conference, Google’s new Android chief Sundar Pichai admitted that security plays second fiddle to “freedom” in the design and implementation of Google’s mobile operation system, exposing Android users to an overwhelming, disproportionate share of malware vulnerabilities.


This is a classic battle. But, when it comes to my personal data, along with credit card info, I want as much security as possible. 

Security from  the prying eyes and harmful arms of others. I think this will be a continuing plus for Apple and iOS.

Because, truthfully, in today’s society, there can be no freedom unless we can also secure our digital selves.

Apple lets us do this. Android, not so much.