We are family – How an agile and resilient company responds to a customer or why I love Apple

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(Not mine. I have a picture. I’ll upload later.)

A couple of weeks ago, I did something really stupid.

I put my new iPad Air on top of my car as loaded in a bunch of stuff. And I forgot about it.

Like the dog in National Lampoon’s Vacation, the poor little iPad tried to hold onto the roof, only flying off as I reached about 35 mph.

I heard it come off and hit the ground. Stopping and running back to see the damage revealed a totally smashed screen.

I mean with pieces of glass falling off. I went home and it still worked; I could just not decipher the odd lines on the screen that still had parts working.

But I could back it up. So I did. Then I did something that turned out to be miraculous.

I went to the Apple Store to see if there was anything I could do – repair or what not. I had used an American Express card to pay for it so I figured I could use they Buyer Protection to get some money back.

But as it turned out, I had also purchased Applecare+ (always a worth while expense) and one of the things recently added to iPad ‘scare was the Two Strikes clause.

You get two free replacements, no questions asked, when the iPad is damaged

Even if it was my fault. (i’d imagine that they would not replace it if you tried to blend it ;-)

They erased my old iPad, set me up with a new one with a new Applecare+ coverage. For like $50, cheaper than any sort of new purchase would have taken.

They had 3 people come over to deal with this – one to deal with the old iPad, one to get the new one up to speed.

And the manager came over, introduced herself, showed actual concern for the horrible state my iPad was in and just acted like I was part of the family who needed comforting

And that is why I love Apple.

Even when we do something stupid they treat us like part of the family and not some leper to be shunned.

(And yes, I do know that Apple can easily replace the screen, refurbish the unit and sell it in China and still make money. But when are win-win solutions a problem?)

Instead of feeling like  a schlub at some customer service line, I was treated like a continuing valuable customer who needed something done for their problem. And Apple did just that.

I had a replacement within 30 minutes and was on my way. In a store that was simply jammed. And pretty much no wait.

This is why I will buy Apple. A little time and energy here  on something they will make out okay in the end, and they create a community that is self sustaining.

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