Is pCell miraculous? 70 megabits per second sure would be

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Is pCell the Holy Grail of wireless networking?
[Via CNET]

Serial entrepreneur Steve Perlman claims that his new patented technology can create the wireless network of our dreams.

His invention, pCell, theoretically delivers on the long-sought dream of ubiquitous, fast Internet, with the reliability and consistency previously only achievable through a wired connection. pCell is “effectively mobile fiber,” he announced in a press release for his new company, Artemis Networks.

The technology turns conventional wisdom about wireless technology on its head. pCell, which stands for “personal cell,” exploits interference rather than avoiding it as in conventional wireless networks.


Hard to tell if this is a real disruptor or another Segway. But if it really could get 70 megabits per second per antenna (an iPhone has 2) you are talking about game-changing levels.

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