“This world is a veil and your face is not your own” -6 more minutes of proof that True Detective is amazing

Lovecraft's Cthulhu - Statuette by Richard L. Tierney 14

All us True Dick fans know about the 6 minute one-take, tracking shot in episode 4. But this from an earlier episode informs a lot as it is also amazing.

The entire 6 minute scene from the preacher. Not all was shown is the episode but you noiice just how much the preacher’s statements resonate with Cohle’s ideology, although mixed in with a different world view. “Every answer is a yes” while Cohle’s seems to be that every answer is a no.

The preacher states:

“This is not real. It is merely the limitation of our senses, which are meager devices. Your angers and your griefs and your separations are a fevered hallucination, once suffred by us all, we prisoners of light and matter.”

“The shape of our own true face is not known to us.”

“Does the rain know sorrow. Does the grass and the mountains, those beautiful mountains, know despair?And our true faces will weep in his light.”

Masks, veils, shadows, unreality, false. Something awful is happening in the world. Cohle sees it and so does every person in that tent. They are trying to deal with that awfulness in different ways.

We all see it. We do not understand it. And if we do not understand it, how can we fight it?

Perhaps they are True Detectives because they want to understand at the deepest levels, the dark mysteries permeating the show.

It is simply amazing to hear Cohle’s words paraphrased in such a manner. I wish they could have had the entire 6 minutes.

This will be important. It is easy to sympathize with Cohle’s apparent nihilism. “You can’t fight it” even as he spends every minute in the show attempting to do just that. He belies his own words in everything he does as a protagonist. We initially see these people in the tent through his cynical eyes. But, as shown here, they are just trying to deal with exactly the same things he is, the same problems and truths.

They see the deadly darkness facing them all. They have looked into the abyss and seen the abyss look back.

So just where is the narrative going to take all this, as they look for a serial killer?

I mean, is the devil (or something else from the dark mysteries of our fears) actually physically stalking the area, like some Cthulhu? Maybe. Look up the Yellow King, referenced several times in the show.

Or is this all metaphorical stuff from people trying to describe the same destructive world they see?

Has everyone lost faith or is there actually a dreaded presence who is working to steal faith from people? How does one survive in a world without hope? How does good stop evil in such a world of darkness? 

Man, it is going to be fun to see where this show goes. It really is like a truly wonderful and inventive novel, one where you trust the writer to provide some very exciting isights while providing a great ride.