The Gulf Stream is meltingthe Arctic. Cold weatherin the US masking heat transfer to the Arctic

 Flying Through a Crack in the Ice

Extraordinary N Atlantic Storms Driving Gulf Stream Water into Arctic, Sea Ice Melting in February
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Storm after storm has pounded England and western Europe, smashing the coastline with massive waves and flooding, making this the stormiest winter in the long English weather records which go back to 1766. But there’s something happening in the ocean that’s even more disturbing than the destruction to Europe. The extreme wind field across the Atlantic this winter is literally driving water that originated in the Gulf Stream into the Arctic Ocean causing sea ice extent on the Atlantic side of the Arctic ocean to decline in the middle of February. Water temperatures reported by NOAA are far above normal from the coast of north America, to the Labrador and Greenland seas, extending all the way into the Arctic ocean. The sea surface temperature anomaly maps are shocking. Water temperatures are more than 10°F above normal near Svalbard in the Arctic ocean. Likewise, Gulf Stream temperatures off of the east coast of North America are stunningly hot.


Look at the temperatures in the Gulf Stream.

gulf stream anomalies

The entire Atlantic is warmer than usual but the Gulf Stream is off the charts.

And all that warmth is being pushed into the Arctic melting winter sea ice that should be getting larger. The trend line has now based over two standard deviations outside the historical average.


The sea ice extent has stopped growing a month early. This is all expected by every climate change model – that global warming results in tremendous heat exchange to the poles, that the poles increase temperatures much more than tenperate regions.

This could be a very bad year. Time to start doing something.