Apple and Tesla -I say no merger but collaboraton

Tesla Roadster-4 

Report: Apple talking to Tesla
[Via Macworld]

Adrian Perica is a very busy man. Over the past 18 months, the mergers and acquisitions chief at Apple has been scouring the globe looking for deals, snatching up everything from search engines and data analytics to mapping software and motion tracking chips.

Such a buying spree has ignited fierce speculation in tech circles and on Wall Street about Apple’s future ambitions, especially as smartphone and tablet sales start to slow. Most of that speculation has centered on wearable technology or perhaps a souped-up upgrade of Apple TV.


The media simply can only see things as huge megadeals. The classic zero sum – one company grows while the other disappears.

Thuis Google spending and losing tens of billions on Motorola is simply good business. But Apple spending $500 million shows how desperate they are.

Look, Apple is developing the iOS in a  car. A strategic collaboration between Appke and Tesla would benefit both.

A buyout really does neither.

Both Cook and Musk are smarter than that.