At least AAAS is recognizing the existence of PhDs in poverty teaching our students.

Lecture Hall I, UMBC, Wednesday night, fall semester, 2010 

Higher education’s dirty secret: Ph.D.s on food stamps
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Adjunct professors now account for half of all faculty members, yet poor compensation and lack of benefits often put them at or below the poverty line. Find out how adjuncts fare at your alma mater.


Nice article about the plight of now 50% of the college teaching staff. These are often the ones actually teaching the students as the big money for full professors comes from doing research and writing grants,not from teaching,

And this is simply unsustainable. No one wants the students learning from people who are worried about getting a meal that day. Yet that is the road the universities are traveling.

It will simply fall apart as people begin to make different choices when they see that a science PhD results in hourly wages far below what even a McDonald’s employee makes, with no benefits.