Lying works – climate change denialism rises

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Misinformation Is Winning – Doubt In Climate Change Climbing
[Via DeSmogBlog – Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science]

Climate change-related disasters have been rising for decades; yearly temperatures are rising in a nearly consistent pattern; extreme weather events are costing economies across the globe hundreds of billions of dollars.  Despite the mounting evidence that climate change is both real and a major threat to our security, more people are buying into the idea that climate change is a myth.

A new poll from Yale University and George Mason shows that the percentage of Americans who don’t believe in climate change rose 7% in 2013 to 23% of the entire population.  While 63% of the general public believes that climate change is occurring, only 47% believe that human activities are to blame.  The poll also revealed that less than 50% of Americans believe that climate change will affect their lives, but 65% say that it could harm future generations. 

This shift in public opinion in 2013 happened during another record-breaking temperature year, with 2013 being the seventh warmest year on record. 

All of the evidence points to the fact that climate change is real and that human beings are making it worse.  Scientists agree that it is happening, and the physical evidence is all around us, so the big question is: why is the number of climate change deniers increasing?

The answer is that the misinformation machine has kicked into high gear, and 2013 saw a massive increase in the amount of climate change denial being given a microphone throughout various forms of media.


The fact that this is all financed by the same well financed think tanks who are paid to lie never seems to come up.

But it shows that, with a willing media, owned by the same guys who pay the think tanks, people will respond to lies.

Being the sociopaths they are, the liars are doing this, paying large amounts of money, because they expect to make a ton of money. That is what they do.

I wonder how they expect to do that?