Seattle and Boeing team up for an astonishing flight


Now This Is Team Spirit
[Via James Fallows : The Atlantic]

I am taking no sides in The Big Game this weekend. I don’t care.* 

But I have to admire the combination of team spirit, precision flight planning, and disregard for practicality shown by the group at Boeing that produced this flight yesterday in solidarity with the Seahawks’ “Twelfth Man” concept.

 If you’d like to replicate the route, here are the waypoints, courtesy (as is the flight track above) of Flight Aware:

SEA SEA146051 KS06G 4625N 12000W 4625N 11945W 4725N 11945W 4725N 12000W 4743N 12000W 4800N 11945W 4800N 11925W 4625N 11925W 4625N 11910W 4600N 11910W 4600N 11850W 4653N 11850W 4712N 11830W 4712N 11800W 4737N 11800W 4737N 11825W 4725N 11825W 4725N 11850W 4743N 11850W 4800N 11830W 4800N 11753W 4743N 11733W 4707N 11733W 4649N 11753W 4649N 11825W 4625N 11825W 4625N 11800W 4635N 11800W 4635N 11730W 4600N 11730W 4600N 11850W 4600N 11910W KS06G SUMMA SEA 

It’s up to you to find your own 747 to match** what Boeing flew.


What a wonderful stunt! Go Seahawks.

The entire town is crazy with Seahawks stuff. Nothing will get done on Monday. If they win, everyone will still be celebrating and if they lose, everyone will be morose. (No town I have ever lived in has won a national professional championship when I actually lived there. So I’m on tender hooks.)

But really fun to see so many all part of the same community for a change. Other stuff does not matter.


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