Third industrial revolution? It is bigger than that


Why I’m Bullish About the Third Industrial Revolution
[Via Big Think]

This is a terrific time to be an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs succeed when the rules of the game are changing.  Entrepreneurs thrive in a moment of uncertainty and relative instability.  Entrepreneurs exploit the changing rules. 


He is looking at this too small – as a way to make a lot of money. That is an important part of what is happening but is only a small part.

I’ve been working on a report regarding the coming abundance fostered by this revolution. There will likely be somuch wealth created that the very idea of money becomes hazy.

It may cost less to send a pound into space than it currently costs to send it across the country. We will produce more metal resources than exist on the entire surface of the Earth. We will have access to more water than in all the oceans, to unimaginable amounts of power. 

We will be as different from where we are today as the hunter-gatherers were with the farmers. The difference will be as fundamental and as epoch marking.

Making money is thinking too small. But it is a point.