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Woman Gives Nigerian Scammer $500k After Meeting Him On
[Via Techdirt]

Maybe it’s my natural level of skepticism, which generally hovers somewhere between extreme and nuclear levels, or perhaps I’ve simply never spent much time reading any emails or communications I get from sources I don’t recognize, but I’ve never understood how people fall for “Nigerian Prince” style schemes, often to the tune of sums of money that are nearly unfathomable to me. Yet, in one iteration or another, these things continue to take advantage of people.

I don’t know that I’ve ever come across these types of foreign scammers trolling dating sites, however. But that’s what one story suggests has happened, with a 66-year-old woman getting bilked out of half a million dollars by a Nigerian scammerthat found her on


These types of scams taking advantage of the lonely have been going on forever. It is still amazing to see how open people are to whatever they see on the Internet.

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