Windows fell because of the continuing decentralization of computing buyinh decisions

When Apple reached parity with Windows
[Via asymco]

In 2013 there were 18.8 times more Windows PCs sold than Macs. This is a reduction in the Windows advantage from about 19.8x in 2012. This decline is mostly due to the more rapid decline in Windows PC shipments relative to the more modest decline in Mac unit shipments. Gartner estimates that about 309 million Windows PCs were shipped,[1] down from 337 million in 2012 (which was down from 344 million in 2011, the year PCs peaked.) I estimate about 16.4 million Macs were shipped in 2013 down from 17 million in 2012.

The history of PC shipments relative to Mac shipments is shown in the following graph:

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1-13-3.09.21 PM

I chose to graph the Mac data as an area with additional areas for iOS devices layered on top.


The article makes the great point that SWindows maily got where it was due to the purchasing decisions of just a few hundred corporate information officers.

But today, with mobile devices and the continuing drop in costs, billions of people are making purchasing decisions.

This disintermediation between maker and customer is a hallmark of the current age. Apple obviously caught this when it decided to sell its products directly to it customers with an online site and retail stores.

Microsoft continued to rely on corporate sales and appears to be paying the price.