Woman puts up Italian peace flag. People complain. Call her “Fag.”

NewImagethe gay pride flag

Rainbow lights, flag anger some neighbors | pham, flag, gay – 
[Via News – The Orange County Register]

A rainbow pride flag with the Italian word for “peace” stirred gently above Mary Pham’s house in Orangetree. Most days, it stands out brightly from its mount on her roof.

But when night falls, the rainbow Christmas lights blanketing the front of Pham’s two-story house steal the show, gleaming against the darkening sky.

As a Register photographer set up a shoot with Pham in front of her house recently, a car drove by. “Fag,” someone yelled out the car window.


People need to get their flags sorted out.

Here is a picture of the flag she put up:


Not to be confused with the Gay Pride Flag which only has 6 colors, with red at the top.. This has red at the bottom with the word Pace on it. It is the Italian Rainbow peace flag first used in 1961. But it has apparently become a symbol of the LGBT movement in Orange County,  California.

A shame that a flag for peace is causing war of words. But since any restriction that would bring this flag down would also bring down American flags, it has stayed up.

After all the threats and nasty comments, she responded with this for Christmas, all within the HOA guidelines:


Another instance of the Streisand effect.