Why can no one but Apple do a great Christmas ad? MS/Nokia’s ad is incredibly creepy

Comparing the newest Apple, Nokia marketing spots makes us weep for humanity | 
[Via 9to5Mac]

There’s been no shortage of debate regarding Apple’s latest holiday commercial as some have found it inspiring and emotional as others find it ridiculous and lacking a clear message. There will be debate in the coming weeks over Apple’s intentions with the message and whether or not they succeeded in tugging at our heartstrings. That being said, Apple looks like a gem, an angel, a bright light on a dark road compared to Nokia’s newest ad for the Lumia 2520. It’s true that Apple may have paused its traditional product-first advertising angle and replaced it with an arguably emotional holiday spot for the iPhone 5s, but it works leaps and bounds better than Nokia’s latest embarrassing excuse for advertising.


I am putting the video up for historical purposes but please do not watch until after Christmas as it might put you off the holiday.