Samsung’s Christmas ad shows how wonderful their smartwatch is for stalking pretty women

Samsung’s Newest Ad Is Pretty Much The Worst 
[Via | TechCrunch]

Worried that none of their recent commercials would take home that coveted “Worst Ad Of The Year” trophy, Samsung has swooped in with one hell of a last minute entry.

It’s like Samsung wanted to give us all a Christmas present. But instead of giving us socks, or candy, or a puppy, Samsung gave everyone a big ol’ box of cringe.


Here it is, in all its cringeworthy glory:

Compare this with Apple’s Christmas Ad:

Apple shows how content creation can bring a family together and produce a memorable Christmas, all while using just an iPhone. Heartwarming.

Samsung shows how a guy can pick chicks using their smart watch. Why even buy the book when modern technology allows you to do the same thing? Stalking women with a smartwatch is so cool.

Do they really think women will be fascinated by this great use of technology as men use it to stalk them? I mean, she just gave her phone number to a total stranger on a ski lift. He followed her down the ski slope taking pictures.

And that made him more attractive.  The little dick move at the end with the fist pump tells us that this is exactly what they want to show.

Even beer ads are not this explicit about getting women. The only thing close are Axe ads and they are purposefully over the top.