How we all win against inequitable distribution of wealth

wealthyby photosteve101

I wrote this about 2 years ago but I was reminded about it today. Read the aper if you can. “Collaboration encourages equal sharing in children but not in chimpanzees.”

Only humans share equitably with those they see as collaborators. Chimps do not. We share with those we live with, those within our group.

After WW2, most of us felt like we had worked together against a strong problem and were quite willing to share things, even with former enemies. The Marshall Plan, the GI Bill, etc. all exemplify this feeling that came from winning together.

Humans are most likely to share when they feel a connection, when they feel they are working and suffering together. They are least likely to share, and to actually act like other primates when that connection is gone.

So who wins when we are split into multiple groups with no collaboration between us? Who wins by sowing discord and preventing people from working together?

Who wins when the wealth we create is not equitably shared, something that has been going on for 30 years?

Maybe if you watch this, you will begin to see:

A more equitable world arises when we see how connected we all are to one another, how a Tea Partier is just as important as a Progressive, that most all of us want pretty much the same things.

We win when we make such strong connections with each other, including the poor and the wealthy, that  more sharing is what we all just need to do. It will just emerge. Why?

Because we are humans and not chimps.

And, because of the way Information Age technologies work,  this will also make us wealthier. All of us.