Getting arrested for using 5 cents worth of electricity

copsby laverrue

Charged with theft, man arrested for plugging car into school’s outlet
[Via Ars Technica]

A man in an Atlanta suburb was confronted by a police officer for plugging his electric car into an outside outlet at a school. Ten days later, he was arrested at home and charged with theft for taking about 5 cents worth of electricity “without consent.”

Kaveh Kamooneh plugged an extension cable from his Nissan Leaf into a 110-volt external outlet at Chamblee Middle School while his son was practicing tennis. A short time later, he noticed someone in his car and went to investigate—and found that the man was a Chamblee police officer. “He informed me he was about to arrest me, or at least charge me, for electrical theft,” Kamooneh told Atlanta’s Channel 11 News.

Kamooneh said that the car, when plugged into a 110-volt outlet, draws a kilowatt an hour. “Over an hour, that’s maybe eight or nine cents” worth of electricity, he said, depending on the rates. He was plugged in for less than 20 minutes, so he estimated the amount of power he drew from the school at less than 5 cents.


Some police are just nuts.  I would think that an open outlet suggests it is available for anyone. If the school did not want anyone to use it, it would be simple enough to close the plug off, just as they do with water outlets.

But still, aresting someone for using an electric plug seems like a real abuse.I mena, they can to his home later and arrested him. Jeez.

And it will cost them all much more than that 5 cents in the prosecution of this man. Why not just ask him to remove the plug?