Dorian IS R. Daneel Olivaw


Having a good time with the new show Almost Human. Urban and Ealy are great. I’ve been surprised that although people have mentioned Blade Runner as an influence, no one has mentioned Asimov’s Caves of Steel. Here we have a cop coupled with a very human-like android (R. Danell Olivaw), one who is almost impossible to tell from the real thing. In the book, his partner hates robots but comes to appreciate the skills of Daneel. However, the idea of human looking robots is repugnant to most.The idea of what makes a human was prevalent in much of Asimov’s work (The Bicentennial Man).

In Almost Human, the very human-like Dorian was replaced by very robotic and simpler MX series. I expect that as time goes on the idea of just what makes a human human will be part of the underlying premise.

Could be interesting.