The source of problems seen by the left and by the right are both failing for the same reason

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Government and Corporations Fail For the Same Reason

It’s generally accepted that the left tends to blame corporations for our problems, while the right tends to blame government.

What’s interesting is that regardless of which is more true, both entities fail for the same reason, i.e., in both cases there is a group that each is supposedly beholden to, and then there is the group that actually controls them.


In many ways this is right on the money. Our liberal democracy is failing because our politicians have lost touch with their constituents – the people who vote for them no longer control politician’s behavior.  Their behavior is controlled by those with money.

Our capitalist economy is failing because our corporations have lost touch with their customers – the people who buy their products no longer control the corporation’s behavior. Their behavior is controlled by those with money.

A small group of wealthy elite are responsible for the failing political system and the faltering economic one. They get wealthier while we get poorer. They keep us divided by having the left focus on bad companies and the right focus on bad government. Neither side really sees that the corrupting, inappropriate influence of money is the problem.

Both our government and our corporations are created by the people of America. So only we can fix things.

We need to return balance to both systems that are broken. Governments and corporations only have existence as long as they serve the people, and not just the 1%.

We need to change things.