We would have no budget problems if we simply paid the same amount for healthcare as other Western democracies

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Rip-Off: How Private-Sector Health Costs Are Killing the American Dream | Connecting the Dots, What Matters Today 
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The federal government doesn’t have a deficit problem. Its fiscal issues are entirely related to the bloated cost of American health care. If we paid the same amount for health care per person as people do in other wealthy countries with longer average life expectancies, we’d have a balanced budget now and surpluses projected for the future.


The whole point of the ACA is to try and bring our healthcare costs under control. It very well just might do that. Our current medical system is simply not sustainable.

Canada pays 4/7ths of what we do per person, yet Canadians live, on average, 3 years longer. New Zealand pays 1/3rd what we pay per person and Kiwis live 3 years longer. The list of Western democracies that not only pay significantly less for medical care but have better results is pretty long.

All these countries have sustainable budgets because they have healthcare costs that work. The US continues to have increasing medical costs with poorer results.

We pay more, live shorter lives, have higher infant mortality, and sicker populations. As we continue to have less ability to pay for the increasing costs, more people will get sick and more will die, making our health system even worse. It is a death spiral that will destroy the US.

ACA is not perfect but it has a very good chance of bringing our healthcare costs under better control. If we can get our costs to a similar level as the rest of the Western democracies, our budget would be balanced very rapidly.

Americans have to hope ACA  works. We have nothing else on hand that can have anywhere near the effect. Without the ACA, our budget continues its death spiral, with America falling further and further  behind the rest of the wrld, less able to pay for the health of its own people as its economy finally collapses.