For the first time since 1984, I am personally disappointed in an Apple software upgrade

appleby Sean MacEntee

Apple destroyed iWork. It is now horribly misnamed.

They reduced the effectiveness of desktop applications to the level of primitive mobile apps. They took applications designed to be useful tools and made them into simple playthings.

Apple may drive me back to Adobe and Microsoft.They have released software that simply is no longer useful for anyone with more sophisticated needs than an 8 year old..

They simply deleted just about everything that was more complex than a children’s app. They simplified the applications to the point of uselessness. Anything more complex than a single page letter to Grandmom is pretty much now absent from Pages, for example.

They took the productivity of a laptop application and made it as useful as an iPad toy. Thanks, Apple!

I’ve been looking forward to updates to iWork since I have been using all of them more and more. They provided easy ways for me to communicate complicated ideas.

What Apple has done, for the first time in my experience, is replace our fountain pens. with crayons. We now have a chalkboard with only white chalk instead of a television screen. We have an abacus instead of a slide rule.

Apple, which used to provide outstanding examples of useful tools, has now regressed. iWork is now software that would have been cutting edge in 1993. In 2013, it is simply wrong.

Apple stripped almost all of the adult functions from Pages, the functions I used a lot to create adult things like newsletters. Text no longer flows across pages. Dragging pages to reorder them is gone. No vertical ruler. No useful alignment guides. Pages is no longer an effective page layout program for those of us who do not want to spend huge amounts of money and really loved how we could create newsletters with Pages

 Many things that made Keynote such an exciting presentation program  have been removed to produce something not even as effective as Powerpoint. You cannot really edit master slides in a useful way. You cannot customize the presenter view,. So now, if you need more notes for a specific slide, tough. Complex animation builds are almost undoable now.

I want to cry as Apple used to be a company focussed on providing tools for us to use. Now they have taken tools and made them into caricatures of themselves.

iWork no longer exists. Apple has created children’s toys with the same names as Pages, Keynote and Numbers. They have removed almost every thing that made those applications of use.

They should call these apps iFun or iPlay because they are not useful for ANY sort of productive work. I’m afraid I will have to return to Office and InDesign, as Apple no longer provides software for the adults to use.

I’ll have to keep using the apps I have that are 4 years old and hope that they continue to work because I simply cannot see downloading these ‘updates’. 

Bad Apple.