I’m impressed with Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s new head of retail

I wondered yesterday whether Angela Ahrendts was a nice hire for aApple or a sign of the end. I’m beginning to see that she is a very interesting hire for Apple who might just do some great stuff.

I saw this TED talk by Angela. It is not at all the sort of talk one would expect from a CEO, especially one from the fashion industry. It deals with something very human and very important – the social energy people use and transmit that allows them to do so many things.

What I found interesting is it provides an explanation for just how Steve Jobs was able to get people to do more than they thought they could (i.e. his energy gave people the ability). The energy to inspire is something very important but not often mentioned in business school.

This is definitely not something I could see many male CEOs talking about and I can see why she impressed Tim Cook. It has some touchy-feely stuff but you can see the actual wisdom she has learned.
What she says  is, in fact, almost like something Jobs might discuss. It is something I think Jobs intuitively knew. Because the energy she describes can only come from community. It is why Apple users are so fanatical, because only Apple made them feel like part of a huge community. It gave them all such positive energy.

From the last couple of minutes, it is obvious she embraces technology, seeing its potential to change lives.
I will be very interested to see just what she does at Apple.