Wikipedia’s battle against the largest sockpuppet network ever found

kuklaby BarrettB

The battle to destroy Wikipedia’s biggest sockpuppet army
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Wikipedia editor and self-professed “bird geek” DocTree spends most of his time on the world’s largest encyclopedia editing the pages for long-dead ornithologists. So it was somewhat unusual when, in August 2012, he found himself working on the page for “CyberSafe,” a high-tech digital encryption company based out of Middlesex, England, with a pronounced dearth of ornithological relevance.


Interesting article regarding how Wikipedia polices its pages to keep accuracy and objectivity high. It does not prohibit people or companies from being involved with pages that directly mention them.

Wikipedia just wants those concerns to identify themselves and play an honest role. Here, the corporations did not act honestly and open.

So, it would be quite fair to me for Wikipedia to create a page detailing just who these companies are and what they did. Shame is a great tool.