What happens when an iPad Pro becomes a full-powered PC in a post-PC world?

ipadby Sean MacEntee

Apple’s iPad Pro will eat the MacBook market, and that’s okay
[Via MacDailyNews]


“Apple will eventually cannibalize its Mac business with a 64-bit big-screen iPad capable of running Office and a variety of creative apps,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Strike one comes later this month on October 22 when the company is expected to introduce new iPads alongside OS X Mavericks and the much-anticipated Mac Pro. I’ve written about the Mac side to these plans before, but when it comes to iPads it seems Apple will place 64-bit A7 processors inside the new machines<” Evans writes. “These new chips are delivering significant performance improvements today, while also forming part of the 64-bit future of Apple’s plans. Think about it: iOS 8 and iOS 9 will inevitably exploit the potential of 64-bit, apps will benefit, and these devices will become ever better replacements for a PC. You get a 64-device today and should recognize that you’re now plugged into Apple’s upgrade cycle plans across the next two years. And in these plans the iPad is going Pro.”


Most everybody will want one.

In a short time, the computing power of an iPad will be as powerful as anybody needs. Combine it with a wireless keyboard, mouse and Airplay to a monitor and people will have everything they need for most computation needs. All pretty much contained in an all-in-one computer that weights a pound or so. Knowing Apple, once you configure everything in your home, it will just work.

Heck, I expect your iPad Pro could be downstairs while your keyboard, mouse and monitor are upstairs as you use Apple’s superfast  WiFi to do what you need.

And you can then carry it with you to other places. In the house or out of town. Why have a computer, a laptop and a tablet, each costing a bundle?

For most people, they will have what they need for under $1000 for everything. The real pros will still be able to get a laptop and a desktop. These will be the ones techies love, with really fast graphics, high powered CPUs and such.  Apple will use these niches to develop the high powered stuff that eventually finds its way to the iPad.

Just like Goodyear does with race tires. But I expect Apple to collapse these markets, producing just a couple of models instead of the many they do now.