All for show – Fox buys stupidly huge MS 55 inch tables that show less than an iPad

things to come

Fox News’ giant new Microsoft touch screens have fewer pixels than an iPad
[Via AppleInsider]

News anchor Shepard Smith proudly demonstrated a remodeled “Fox News Deck” featuring massive, expensive new 55 inch touchscreens sold by Microsoft. However, the giant new screens have much lower resolution than even a 9.7″ iPad.


A single iPad had greater resolution than these monstrosities. It would be like showing us a computer room with spinning tape and card readers.

“Oh. Shiny lights. They must be modern.”It is like something out of the 30s classic “Things to Come”.

Each of these things costs over $7000. And is less useful for examining things than a $500 iPad.

I mean, the 55 inch screen can only show 4 Tweets at a time!


Would any of us use a 55 inch gargantuan screen when we could see more using a 10 inch iPad? So why is Fox, other than to show us how modern they are?