The secrets of paper-folding applied to telescopes

origamiby Brett Jordan

Origami Nanosats: The Future of Space Telescopes?
[Via Planetary Society Weblog]

We interview Dr. Franck Marchis from the SETI Institute about nanosats that can unfold in space to create sensitive telescopes that are orders of magnitudes cheaper than current hardware.


Pretty cool idea. Nanosats are very small satellites easily carried as a small part of cargo by LEO rockets. So costs a e pretty small. And if the rocket fails, you are not out a whole lot of money,

By expanding up to a meter in diameter, they can provide a large aperture telescope. It can collect wavelengths that do not even make it to Earth.

Here is what it looks like:

Several can be slaved together to make an even larger virtual telescope. Still a ways to go but nice to think about.