NIghtmare hornets from the Far East

vespaby Thomas H Brown

Deadly hornets kill 42 people in China, injure over 1,500
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Hornets have killed dozens of people in China and injured more than 1,500 with their powerful venomous sting. The Asian giant hornet, known scientifically as Vespa mandarinia, carries a venom that destroys red blood cells, which can result in kidney failure and death, said Justin O. Schmidt, an entomologist at the Southwest Biological Institute in Tucson, Arizona. But perhaps a bigger problem than the toxicity of the venom is allergy, Schmidt says. Some people are naturally more allergic to stinging insects than others; a sting can trigger a deadly anaphylactic reaction, which may involve airway closure or cardiac arrest.


I read this story the other day and sympathized. I almost mowed over a yellow jacket nest in my yard. I came with just 3 incjes. Luckily a single  sting sent we screaming away.

I looked back at there were 10s of yellow jackets per minute flying into a hole in the lawn 4 inches in diameter. Those nests can have thousands of insects, all would have been after me if iIhad been 3 inches over. Yellow Jackets can fly at 25 miles per hour. That is a mile in 2.4 minutes. No way are you running away from that.

So I felt kind of sorry for these poor guys but then I saw a picture of these hornets that were attacking them.

asian giant hornet

The wings span a hand!!! The venom, besides having the normal stuff from a hornet, also has a neurotoxin. Get enough of that and you die.

So these are not people who are allergic to the venom. If they get enough venom, they can die. Just 10 stings can do it. 

Instead of a new sharknado, they need to do a movie about these buggers.