Delta waiting 2 years for MS tablet leaves pilots unhappy and costs perhaps $20 million

delta planeby Alaskan Dude

Delta Pilots fought against deal to replace iPad flight bags with Microsoft Surface
[Via AppleInsider]

Microsoft’s marketing coup in selling Delta Airlines its Surface 2 tablet for use as an Electronic Flight Bag in place of Apple’s iPad created friction with the company’s pilots, who “fought hard” against the deal.


Delta changes form the iPad to the Surface 2 for who knows how much in kickbacks. But we do know this, the Surface 2 has not even been approved by the FAA for use in the air. That will happen sometime next year. Then Delta will take its time deploying the tablets, assuming the do win FAA approval.

Even Delta says it would save $13 million a year in fuel costs by using tablets. So over $20 milion fo the bottom line for wating for the Surface 2.

American, in the meantime, has fully deployed iPads to all its pilots in June. Perhaps 2 years before Delta does.

And while waiting for the new rollout, Delta pilots may still have to carry a 35 pound kitbag around. No wonder they wanted to keep the iPads they already had.

So I hope that Delta is getting compensated enough for this.