Make sure you file that European patent – Steve Jobs’ demo become prior art for his own patent


appleby aditza121

Steve Jobs’ original iPhone keynote video used to invalidate Apple patent in Germany
[Via AppleInsider]

In an ironic twist to Apple’s ongoing worldwide legal battles, a German patent court on Thursday invalidated an Apple property asserted against Google and Samsung because a video of Steve Jobs presenting the feature onstage predates the filing, and is thus considered prior art in the country.


In the US, you get a patent as long as you file it within 12 months of mentioning it. But in Eurpoe, if you discuss it ublicaly before you submit the patent, you are out of luck. The idea is now public and cannot be patented.

So even though Apple created the technology, in Europe, this patent  is not valid because Jobs talked about it before the filing in Europe.

I wold imagine that if Steve were still alive today, somebody’s head would roll for not getting the European patent filed before the demo.