If a weatherman was as wrong as often as Apple analysts, they’d be out ouf a job

loserby Craig Sunter *Click-64*

Gene Munster’s iPhone launch estimates off by 5M units for the second year in a row
[Via AppleInsider]

Industry observers had been snickering about a promise made by Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook to “double down” on security, but a series of jaw-dropping surprises have proven that, outside of a steady stream of immaterial leaks, the company remains an opaque mystery to its competitors, to pundits and even to analysts tasked with understanding the inscrutable innovation factory.


It simply boggles my mind that these guys can have very well paid, successful careers when they have to warp reality to overcome their mistakes. Rob Enderle has done this for over 20 years with regard to Apple (this post is almost 10 years old).

Here these guys simply twist facts to make it fit whatever narrative they want to. Which should result in ethical investigations if journalism generally really cared about any duty to society.

But it appears that, as with everything else dealing with the financial sector, ethics are of little concern. Banditry, lying and gaming the system are more important.